I drew all the time when I was little. I liked to copy fairy pictures from a book called “Peg’s Fairy Book” by Peg Maltby. It featured the soft details of flowers, wings and flowing dresses. I often made up  fairy stories for my little sisters in those days. When I grew up I actually met Peg Maltby and she told me about her flower garden and how much she had loved drawing from it. I have always looked closely at plants and insects too and my drawings are made from real life subjects.

     I loved creating pretend playmates and dreaming about being magic when I was little. I’ve observed it in my daughter and in so many other children over the years. This story was written for children who enjoy using their imaginations.

     I drew real children in Isabella’s Secret and gave them wings from dragonflies and butterflies.

I hope you enjoy the magic and the wonder of nature too.

Isabella’s Secret

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