This poignant story about loss and personal responsibility by my friend Paul Jennings was very challenging as I needed to invent a fish that was ancient and that had never be seen.I used lots of blue to emphasise the sad mood.The humped over body language of the sea creature when you first meet her continues this mood.


The Theefyspray model was made from clay and cartridge paper.I kept the clay wet so I could change its position... I could hold it in my hand and draw it from different perspectives: above, underneath, the back and front. The colours were imagined and Paul wanted them to be very bright although I’d have preferred to draw the creature in glowing white. Part of the compromise needed when working in a team.


The fisherman was drawn from photos of my father.
We had so much fun as he tried to act naturally for the camera.

I used more paint than usual to keep the watery effect.

The Fisherman and the Theefyspray


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